Welcome to Homected

First of all I want to thank you for visiting homected.com. I hope the content of the page is to your liking and you continue visiting.

What is Homected.com?

Well I wanted to create a page or portal to find information about home automation, where solving many of the doubts that others have had, where sharing information sometimes hard to find, where find analysis of products for you to know before you buy, where you can ask those questions that will arise, and of course a place to find information and support necessary to introduce in this world and not be lost.

Why Homected?

I spend some time developing my own home automation system, and at the end I have to give it a name, for this project I chose Homected from the words Home and connected, and also the slogan “Get your home connected”.

To develop my own programs on many occasions I’ve used or based on open source code created by others and I feel the need that like I’ve taken advantage of the work of others, why not share my work if other can be benefited.

At the end between the need for a site to show my own home automation system, my hardware, my software, etc and the need to communicate as I solved the problems or I’ve been finding erroneous documentation or hard to find information, I decide to centralize everything on this website so other people can use.

The purpose

Therefore it is my purpose to show through Homected site, news about home automation (new products, new technologies, etc.), and find information on how to build your Homected system or use the information available (source code, etc.) to create your own home automation system.

Welcome to Homected.